November 2016: Running Re-Cap: Milwaukee Running Festival

April 27, 2017 | Comments (0)

Most runners are really good at getting their race re-caps up in prompt order…I’ve slacked on that. I was about to skip posting a re-cap at all, but then remembered that I really had a great Fall of Running in 2016, what with the MKE Cosplay 5k and my personal Run Around Sconnie (to be posted yet) both in October, and then followed by a half-marathon with the Milwaukee Running Festival in early November. So, here is a brief re-cap of my thirteener!

It was a beautiful, and as I was just a week or two out from my Run Around Sconnie (4 days of increasing mileage at various WI parks), I planned to take it pretty easy. So, I got there, found my friend, Becky, chatted with her for awhile, and then it was time to join the crush!

The race got started and it was pretty swell, jogging all around the city  – from the lakefront, through the east side, on Brady St., through part of Riverwest, down Wisconsin Avenue…yep, it was a real nice course, seeing lots of Milwaukee. I ran alone most of the time, but also had a few stretches of running and chatting with some other runners. It was a real dang nice day for it!


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