What IS MKE Creatives anyway?

March 7, 2016 | Comments (0)

MKE Creatives is a monthly meetup for anyone who works in a creative profession. It is a way to “cross-pollinate” all the attendees’ networks of contacts. Whether a person is self-employed ,or an in-house creative, or works at an agency of some sort, projects come up where “I just wish I knew someone who…” and MKE Creatives helps to find >that< person. I think the thing that I have enjoyed most out of this meetup is the sheer variety of professionals I’ve met – hand-drawn animator, copyright attorney, graphic designer, copywriter, romance writer, creative business consultant, art director, character-actor, game designer, theatre founder, fine artists, photographers, non-profit founder, and magazine art director to name a few!

It was started by two writers and a photographer who knew many creatives in their respective professions, but not many in each other’s arenas. So, with the help of Anodyne Coffee allowing us to use their “laboratory”, we began meeting, and it’s been GREAT.

Each month follows a regular format…

10a – people start arriving, chatting, catching-up,

10:45-ish – a short presentation by someone creative,

11:00-noon – just more chatting, commiserating, connecting, trading biz-cards, laughing, ¬†inspiring, mutual appreciating…

Here’s the archive of past meetups.

Here we are on FBook.

On Twitter, find us at #MKEcreatives.

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Independent photographer working for commercial and editorial clients, based in Milwaukee, WI.

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