Local First Milwaukee: …well

February 20, 2014 | Comments (2)

Well, this morning was supposed to be Local First Milwaukee‘s monthly morning networking session. Unfortunately, due to the weather, the event was cancelled…but not before a number of members had hit the road to attend, including me! Once I arrived at WWBIC, I decided it was important to spend some time there, in case other LFM members showed up, unaware that the event had gotten cancelled. Lucky for me, other members did show up and we had a small impromptu session!

I got to meet:

-John Leidy, of JDBC Tax Services, a new, registered, tax-return preparer,

-Fran Jackson, partner relations manager at VISIT Milwaukee,

-Jenny Wagner and Pam Foti, senior care consultants, at the Vesta Senior Network, LLC,

-Ed Sheehy, of Creative Employment Opportunities,

and Jeneen Perkins, accountant and consultant, at Eclat Enterprises, LLC.

-Also present was a gentleman from the Silver Spring House (but I didn’t catch his name!)

To learn more about our members, check out the LFM directory, and see all the great businesses who know the value of local! When you browse those listings, make sure to see who has Special Offers listed (like JDBC does)! Also, take a look at LFM’s exciting campaign for this year – SHIFT HAPPENS!


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Independent photographer working for commercial and editorial clients, based in Milwaukee, WI.

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2 Responses to Local First Milwaukee: …well

  1. Chris says:

    Sounds great Troy. I wish I hadn’t gotten the email this morning and been there.

  2. Tara Hubbert says:

    Well…glad to know the brave individuals of LFM!!! I was hoping to learn more about WWBIC before signing up for a class. I look forward to the reschedule. http://www.ECECandles.com

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