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I’ve known Brent for many years, but never as a runner – that’s NEW. I’ve known Brent as an artist, a dear friend’s husband, a friend, and a craftsman. He’s a very talented and creative gent, and I’m so glad he’s also a runner!

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+How old are you? How long have you been running?     37; 6 months

+Why do you run?     For me, running is a kind of energizing meditation. It’s a chance to step away from all of the pressures of my life and be in my own space for a while. For me, a good run acts as a sort of reset button. Even if I wake up feeling like crap, I’m usually feeling pretty good after running and ready to tackle the challenges of the day.

+What is the hardest part of running for you?     Convincing myself to get up and out the door each morning, especially when its cold outside and my bed is cozy warm.

+Do you do other sports/athletics?     During the warmer months I go mountain biking.  I often use running and biking interchangeably.. what ever I’m feeling that morning. I used to skateboard and snowboard pretty seriously, but my body won’t put up with that kind of abuse anymore.

+What got you started running?     When I began running, I had just quit my job, and I did not have a new job lined up. I was looking to move up in the world and I did not just want to settle for the first opportunity that came my way.  I knew that I had a significant challenge on my hands and I figured that running would help give me the energy and confidence to stay on top of my game. (It worked)

+What sort of distances do you run, and which do you like best?     I don’t even keep track of how far I run.  I’m really pretty casual about it.  For me its not so much about pushing myself. I’m not training for any kind of marathon. It just feels good to get out and get some exercise.

+What is your favorite post-run snack?     Breakfast.

+What part of Milwaukee do you find most enjoyable to run in, and why?     As long as it’s not too muddy, I run on the river trails in Riverwest.  I get bored with streets and pavement.  I want to be in the woods. I want to be dodging roots and hopping over fallen trees.  I want to see how the woods have changed since my last run.  I want to run into deer and wild turkeys.  Running is my excuse to get to the woods on a regular basis.  Watching TV on a treadmill at the gym holds almost no interest for me.


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2 Responses to RUNNERS: Brent

  1. Peggy says:

    Brent, loved reading your answers and can relate after 38 years of one foot in front of the other. If you even find that getting out of bed stuff gets more difficult, get yourself a rescue dog that needs regular runs and you’ll never have that problem again!

    Troy – nice idea!

    • troyfreund says:

      thanks, Peggy – glad you’ve enjoyed the series! I hope you’ve looked at the other RUNNERS, too! They’re some inspiring folks! 🙂

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