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April 28, 2012 | Comments (1)

If you’re new to this blog, or new to knowing who Troy Freund is, here’s a brief for you.

Troy Freund is a commercial/editorial photographer based in Milwaukee, WI. I’m pretty dang passionate about photography and the tradition of “real”photography. I love  photographing people, but can handle most assignments that come my way – people or product. As for blogging, I’ve got a few different interests, and so, a few different blogs.

Troy Freund is my haiku blog. You like syllables and have a short attention span? Check this one out.

Milleica is my personal photo-blog…just a place to share pics and stories and bit of photo-ness.

You can see examples of my professional work at these links: Troy Freund dot com, Altpick, Flickr, and Zenfolio.


Here’s a lovely drawing from my god-daughter. 🙂


About Troy Freund

Independent photographer working for commercial and editorial clients, based in Milwaukee, WI.

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  1. Kyle Freund says:

    Aww… Molly bopper!

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