Pride of Milwaukee: Ganger Design

October 25, 2011 | Comments (1)

Not gonna say much here, just gonna say this: Jeff Ganger is pretty dang swell.

He’s a designer with a mind to help small and green businesses look as professional as they can, and to do it affordably. He’s passionate about his work and values, he’s fun to talk with, and I really hope he and I have a chance to work together soon.

He and I have been acquainted with each other’s work for a while now, but only met in-person at a recent web-design/AIGA meet-up. We got to have a sit-down today at Gravity Connect and the time flew by. 🙂

Rock on, Jeff!

Ganger Design

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  1. gangerdesign says:

    You rule Troy. Great talking to you today!

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