Pride of Milwaukee: NICE photographers (at @JobCamp)

October 1, 2010 | Comments (0)

Next week, on Oct 7th, I’ll be donating my services to Job Camp 4, a large event devoted to helping job seekers improve their job-seeking skills.  I have been recruited to make free headshots for anyone who wants a “new image” to use for social media purposes, like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and the like.  At the last event, the photo-team made over 480+ headshots.  I am imagining that we’ll likely top 500+ portraits in one day.  We also plan to download, crop, resize and email all of those portraits to those portrait subjects.  There’s no way I could possibly do this on my own.  Seven Milwaukee photographers have stepped forward to donate a portion of their day to helping process all these photos!

These people are all self-employed and by giving up their time to volunteer at Job Camp are definitely sharing something of value with all our portrait-subjects.  These generous photographers are the ones who will be working the computers to get the JobCamp attendees headshots out to them, quick as lightning!

Stef Bartz-well-known pet portraitist, artist, and location scout

Katie Donoghue-publisher and creator of 2 Cents MKE

Linda Gumieny-very well-respected wedding and portrait photographer

Cheryl Jacobs-owner of one of the busiest wedding photo businesses in the Lake Geneva area

Dave Lahaye-experienced photographer and videographer

Jen Purpi-rising star in the commercial photography world

Sue Vliet-if not now, then soon to be, well-known photo-artist

and myself, Troy Freund.

We all look forward to seeing everyone at Job Camp! Here’s a post from my last visit, as an attendee, to Job Camp.

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