4×5 Love: Piggsville Edition

April 23, 2010 | Comments (1)

A few weeks ago, I took my 4×5 camera out and about in my neighborhood, hoping to show some aspects of the area that I’ve always dug. Here’s what I got..all shot on Ilford FP4, processed in HC-110/B dilution. Shot with a 240mm lens on an old Calumet mono-rail 4×5 camera. I also took some “camera-position” pics with my Nikon D60 to show you what the set-up looked like! Enjoy!

About Troy Freund

Independent photographer working for commercial and editorial clients, based in Milwaukee, WI.

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One Response to 4×5 Love: Piggsville Edition

  1. Mary Kaiser says:

    Love the photos of Milwaukee…in your Piggsville edition there is a photo of bare trees on a dead end road with a dead end sign at corner.Could you tell me which street that is?Is it near Valley Park.I used to live across from the Valley Park and moved when I was 15.Years later houses there were torn down for water project.Do you sell your photos?What is the Price?Thank you.

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