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February 24, 2010 | Comments (0)

UPDATED: 08-31-10

Gravity has MOVED!  Gravity M and Gravity Connect have moved from their initial digs in Walker’s Point to the Pritzlaff Building, just south of downtown and across the river from the Third Ward.  I got to pay my first visit to the new coffeehouse yesterday.  It’s a GREAT-looking location and am sure that I’m gonna make it a regular haunt for me!  If you are an independent creative, you really should get a membership at Gravity.  Their free coffeehouse makes a good location to offer some respite from your office or home-office.

Here’s some pics for your perusal…

Originally written 02-24-2010…At 704 S. Second Street, in Walker’s Point, there’s a new marketing firm called Gravity Marketing, LLC. Gravity does all the things you’d expect a marketing firm to do: they strategize, they create ads, and they do research and analysis, among many other services. What makes them stand out though, is that they have made a significant commitment towards building a creative community in Milwaukee.

Most creatives I know are self-employed and as such, may spend some days talking to no one other than their computer monitor (I know I’ve done it). Gravity is offering a FREE coffeehouse space for creatives to utilize for meetings, coffee chats and as a place to just get out of the office. Fill out this application at their website and the fine folks at Gravity will get you your access card pronto.

Yep, that’s right, a free coffeehouse to serve as a meeting place, networking point, and chill-out spot for all of the area’s creatives. I first stopped by on Monday, to see if it was for real. Sure enough, my card beeped me in and there were plenty of tables to choose from, some nice western light coming in the windows, and free hot coffee from Stone Creek Coffee. I spent a nice productive morning there on 2nd Street. Yesterday, I had a nice meet-up with Mark Avery, while at another table three people chatted about networking techniques.
Gravity’s got a real neat idea here and I’d encourage all creatives to sign up to utilize the space!

It’s also worth noting that both Gravity and Stone Creek Coffee are members of Our Milwaukee (and I am too!). Pictured below are Mike Kuharske(in blue) of Gravity and Mark Avery (in beard), of Avery Photography, who besides making great photos, also makes great photo-cards.

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